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Spanish to English, Technical and Scientific Translations


Presented below are letters of recommendation and comments from some of my clients, most of which were posted publicly on the project feedback page of my profile. Further references are available on request.

"Neil provided a very good Spa>Eng translation I urgently needed. I can truly recommend him."

Fabio Descalzi, Director of ScriptArch,

Argentinian company dedicated to architectural support services.

Damiano Bracali,

Director Financiero Multigestión Iberia, S.A.

"He encargado mi último trabajo de traducción a Neil y me ha parecido un excelente profesional. Ha cumplido siempre en calidad y plazo."



"Neil, Your work is excellent! I just wish we had more jobs like this to send your way. You make my job easy."


Thanks for these. And thanks for the quality of your work. Is it just a coincidence that this client has started sending more of these jobs after the first ones you did? Is there a connection? I’m not sure, but I’m certainly not ruling it out! I’m ready to give you all the credit."

"Highly professional and on time, very good work!"

Michel Imhof, Project Manager,

Dirdam Language Solutions, S.L.,

LSP in Spain with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

"Very professional, Neil is really accurate when translating/revising scientific papers. He always delivers on time and answers quickly. It's a pleasure to work with him."

John Moran, Project Manager, Tradtec S.L.,

Spanish Language Service Provider (LSP) with ISO 90001 certification.

Ana Martín, Project Manager,

Trágora Traducciones, S.Coop.And.

"Neil is a first-class, professional translator. His work is the best tribute to in-depth research, polished native-English writing style and an obsession with every detail. Thanks, Neil."

"Very reliable and responsive. A pleasure to work with."

A.C.T. Fachübersetzungen GmbH,

Language Service Provider in Germany.

Jacob Mendoza, Project Manager, Unilexis S.L.,

Language Service Provider (LSP) in Spain and Mexico.

"Accurate and responsible."

Orchestra Systems, S.L.,

Spanish LSP.

"Working with Neil is a pleasure, his quality is consistently high and he has never missed a deadline, the perfect combination!"

Aaron Palomino Martínez, B.Sc. Biology / Doctor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,

Dept. Biology and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oviedo, Spain.

Spanish to English technical translator letter of recommendation
Spanish to English technical translator
Spanish to English technical translator

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Spanish to English technical translator
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