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Spanish to English, Technical and Scientific Translations

RATES: from €0.10 / word*

*This is the basic rate I use to calculate estimates for typical technical / scientific translations. It may increase when considering subject complexity, urgency and other factors. Similarly,  I offer large-volume discounts for bigger projects. Please get in touch for more details or to request a quote.




My basic rate for translating a 'normal' technical or scientific text is €0.10 per source word.

Large-volume discounts are usually offered for projects with a total of more than 20,000 words.

I accept a wide variety of document formats.

Please note that extra charges may occasionally be applied for more complex texts/formats, urgent delivery, text manipulation needs (poor quality PDFs or photocopies, hand-written texts), translation of glossaries or lists, etc. They will always be discussed before confirming the project and it's cost.



Revision / copy-editing:                                             €35 / hour


The number of words I can revise per hour depends on the quality of the translation or English text, especially true in the case of non-native authors writing directly in English. With a sample of the text I can provide an estimate of the total time required for a given project.

Alternatively, a per word rate can be agreed. However, I again need to preview the project before giving a definitive price per word quotation.


Transcription:                                                              €35 / hour


Minimum fee:                                                                     €30



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