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Spanish to English, Technical and Scientific Translations


Presented below are some examples of projects in which I have collaborated as well as a list of the reference materials I use during translation.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about my translation experience (without compromising my clients' confidentiality, of course), then please contact me.

Engineering translation. Traducción ingeniería


  • Polymer production plant: operation manuals/POPs, health & safety, maintenance, emergency action plans, lab. SOPs, etc., acting as the main project reviewer - 1.5 million words, ~4,500 pages (see letters of recommendation in Testimonials).

  • Hydro-electric generators: disassembly, inspection, repair, reassembly and testing.

  • Auto industry: Tech. specs. for stamping die supply tender.

  • Railway tunnel construction: Health & Safety plan.

  • Control racks: Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the EU XFEL Project.

  • Shunt reactances: ITT.

  • Flight inspection system: ITT.

  • Production of metallic aeroplane parts: employee training course.

  • Elevators and industrial lifts: product specifications, installation and maintenance manuals.

Medical translation. Traducción médica


  • SPC, Labels & PL: over 100 product information documents, compliant with QRD templates and EMA terminology (see reference material).

  • Regulatory affairs: regulations for packaging, labelling and promotional material.

  • Courses for spine surgeons: aetiologies, malformations, diseases, imaging studies, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, etc.

  • Manufacturing: validation procedures for aseptic cleaning and dispensing of medicines.

  • Regulation and administration: various publications, letters, licence appeals, applications, etc.

  • Patient diary: Parkinson's disease.

  • PL readability user testing.

  • Regulatory affairs: AEMPS resolution of a marketing authorisation application.

  • Publicity material: advances in acne treatments.

  • Manufacturing: SOPs for product synthesis, purification, characterisation, QA & validation.

Scientific translation. Traducción científica


I have corrected the English in over 200 papers, helping authors publish research in a wide range of fields:

  • Odontology

  • Microbiology

  • Physics

  • Novel antitumour agents

  • Insect hormone regulation

  • Organ transplants

  • Food allergies

  • Soil quality

  • Novel drug delivery systems

  • Genetics

  • Elite athletics

  • Immunotherapy

  • Rare infectious diseases

  • Surface science

  • Colloid chemistry

  • Analytical chemistry

  • Detergents

  • Geology

  • Neurosurgery

  • Biofuels

Oil translations. Gas translations. Traducción petóleo. Traducción gas


  • Plant design and simulation software: user's guide.

  • Subcontracting: terms & condition, health & safety requirements and training.

  • Internal audit of Sp > En translations: covered all topics relating to a multinational gas and fuel company - 180 hours of review.

  • Fuels & lubricants: product information.

  • Various texts about advanced fuels, engines and performance.

  • Petrol stations: shop products and services.

  • Gas pipelines: cabling and explosion prevention and protection.

  • Gas pipelines: corrosion prevention.

  • Petrol additives: surfactants.

  • Document management system.

  • Gas pipelines: geotechnical studies, erecting steel structures and drilling.

  • Gas pipelines: regulators, sensors, metering, data transfer, generators.

Energy production translation. Traducción energía


  • Evaluation of facilities and recommendations for refurbishment of a hydro-electric power station.

  • General specifications for fuel measurement systems in thermoelectric power plants: Ecuadorian Centre for Energy Control, CENACE.

  • Turbines for hydroelectric generators: installation, maintenance manual.

  • Solar PV power installations: ITT technical specifications, inverters, panels, cabling, storage, etc.



Having appropriate, up-to-date and accessible reference material is essential for the production of high-quality translations. Here are some of the reference materials I own and/or use regularly, in addition to hundreds of readily available resources online, e.g. ISOs, professional associations, government bodies, industrial associations, EU terminology databases, NGOs, etc.:

  • The IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) Gold Book, "Compendium of Chemical Terminology" - 1,670 pages of fundamental terminology

  • The IUPAC Green Book, "Glossary of Terms in Quantities and Units in Clinical Chemistry"

  • The EU English Style Guide for Translators

  • "Machinery's Handbook", 11th edition, The Machinery Publishing Company

  • From the European Medicines Agency*: QRD Templates, Preferred Terms, Undesirable Effects Numbering System, Decisions on Stylistic Matters, Notes on Pregnancy and Lactation, Adverse Reactions, Units and Measurements, Routes of Administration.

  • Dictionaries & Glossaries: "Spanish to English Technical Dictionary", Routledge. Indispensable source that covers dozens of fields, from agriculture to wave physics; "Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry", OUP; "Dictionary of Science and Technology", Newmark; "Oxford Medical Dictionary", OUP; "Diccionario Técnico Español - Inglés", García Díaz, Limusa; "Spanish/English Dictionary of Electricity and Electronics", Titus, Titus II & Gámez, Thomson; "English <> Spanish Technical - Scientific Dictionary, 3rd Edition", RCGlobal.

  • I have collected and compiled glossaries on civil engineering, pumps & pumping, concrete, drilling, plastics, rheology, flow dynamics and measurement, distillation, geotechnical surveying, wires and cables, aviation, histology, screen-printing and microbiology, amongst others.


* Although for translation purposes I always use the current editions, the EMA documents presented here may not be the most recent versions. Please refer to the EMA's website or contact me for more information.

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